Sunday, October 25, 2009


This Child Doesn't Believe In Destiny.


Just a heads up for those claiming refunds for the cancelled concert; The ticket agents readily take your cash immediately in exchange for tickets in the basement, a few yards away from the parking lot of the One Utama shopping complex for some, making it easy for you to part with your money. However, when the concert is cancelled, you are made to walk up 3 flights of stairs, not at the place you purchased the tickets but at Block A Lot 116 Jalan Semangat in PJ, fill in a form with a photocopy of your ID, queue while standing up and wait till 30th November to receive your refunds without interest.

The irony of it all is that when I purchased the tickets in cash, I felt like it was a good deal being able to watch fine entertainment by a talented member of the performing arts. While I feel the same now albeit with some grievance with her attitude towards our country’s security, yesterday however, after having gone through the trouble and being unable to retrieve my cash as easily as I parted with it, I couldn’t help but feel that it was too much of a hassle all because of a “ pole dancer who can sing ”. Sour grapes you may say? Perhaps, but I am a Patriot just the same. She’s off my bucket list!


Tonight would have been the night we would be entertained by the beautiful singer popularly known for her song among others appropriately entitled, “ Beautiful Liar ”.

Beyonce bailed out and said “ NO ” to Kuala Lumpur as “ she was given some misinformed picture of Malaysia to scare her away. ”

This behavior amplifies the stupidity of some people in this industry as proper tools and resources were not utilized to investigate the authenticity of the information given, before breaking the hearts of her fans at the eleventh hour, and insulting a hospitable Nation with an impeccable record on peace and security.

Beyonce’s management was quoted in Malaysia’s premier newspaper, The New Straits Times that “ the entertainer remains respectful of the people and cultures of all nations and holds the fans of Malaysia in the highest regard,” without elaborating further. My take on this announcement is like “I don’t trust you natives with my life but I hope you suckers will continue to buy my disc and support me.”

It’s mind boggling how she can feel safe and comfortable performing in Indonesia where there’ve been several fatal bombings by religious extremists in Bali and Jakarta but is easily spooked by malicious rumors on a beautiful country with modern infrastructure, affluent citizens and no history of terrorism in the last several decades.

I was initially excited about this show and would have been seated just a couple of rows behind the VVIPs’ section, a stone’s throw away from the stage. But as a Patriot, I take offence to the way she viewed our country and treated her fans here who are fun loving citizens without an ounce of malice in their hearts.

Out of respect for the Nation and the People of Malaysia, my family and I will not be attending her future concert here if indeed this one was postponed and not cancelled.

Any self respecting citizen would do the same.


umar said...

Salam Tg Harun,

God's will prevail over all.
She wanted to come here. The Government allowed the permit. Tickets were sold.Place was booked by the organisers. Everything went as clockwork. In fact you were dreaming of her during Ramadhan.
I commented in this blog about local artiste....
It used to be always the authorities pulling the string at the eleventh hour. Yet this time the reverse happened.
Let's enjoy Sheila Majid, Dayang, Hail Amir, Uji Rashid , Alley Cats, Ahmad Jais and Henry Goh.

TPJ said...

Salam Umar,

Yes Sir, God's will prevailed, just like when Mariah Carey, and the Pussy Cat Dolls came.

I don't remember dreaming of Beyonce during Ramadhan, but I have a pretty good feeling about landing the Lailatul Qadr though during my nigtly prayers.

Umar, next time you get a guy to dream of someone like Beyonce, never....I mean never include names like Sheila Majid, Dayang and Uji Rashid for heaven's sake. You really know how to pull the plug on a guy's fantasy man!

Also I do enjoy the oldies too, and I think it's Andre Goh, not Henry.

Anonymous said...

Let's just hope that there is no mischief or sabotage to paint Malaysia as backward ...

TPJ said...

Anonymous 12:04PM

She was in Singapore earlier during the F1 race. I'm sure her party made queries on the protests by certain quarters in Kuala Lumpur. In Singapore as we all know, exaggerations are in abundance when it comes damaging Malaysia's interests.

umar said...

Tq Tg.Harun,
I din't mean to insult you or anybody. Your blog welcomed her first. You indeed said were looking forward to attend her concert. Now that she chosed to cancel at the last minute.
I don't suppose she was gullible to believe any bad remarks about Malaysia from any quarters. Our new Ambassador in Wasinghton should promote Malaysia as safe for business and entertainment.
Your article infact diverted our minds toward Beyonce during Ramadhan. I am sure many would have dreamed of seeing her in action! We have many more 'Open Houses' to attend during Syawal.So many would not miss her.
I am surprise, you being her fan suddenly change your mind of ever attending her future concerts !
By the way, i enjoy all our local veteran artises. Many have retired. Rindu Andre Goh /dondang sayang....

TPJ said...


No offence taken by your comments Sir. It was all said in good spirits and humour.

The Ambassador will be doing his bit for Malaysia, in fact he has revived his US/ Malaysia Caucus which he and the late Tan Sri Megat Junid initiated under Dr Mahathir as PM then. He hasn't wasted much time in getting settled there.

Yes I was a great fan of Beyonce's as I am of Mariah and Whitney before Bobby Brown, but I'm offended at the way she thinks of our country, as suggested in the remarks from parties representing her. I am a Patriot.

Umar, you'd be surprised at how gullible, ingnorant and daft some of the American artistes can be. Look at Britney and many others carefully. Once in an interview seated next to Tiger Woods, Christina Aguivelra didn't even know which sport he played in. I needn't say anymore.

Local performers who have my respect include those you've mentioned. They are true classics. One day, when I have Dondang Sayang entertaining my guests over at The Residence, I'll send out an invitation to you.

Thank you for your valued comments Sir. I really appreciate it.


temasekkid said...

Malaysia Tak Boleh...So she says!

TPJ said...


When I look at Jay-Z's face, I'm not surprised with the choices she makes. It shows that right decisions don't usually go hand in hand with her.