Wednesday, October 8, 2008


Thank you & goodbye.

The Prime Minister will be leaving his office earlier than expected. No it doesn't mean that he'll be signing off at 3pm everyday while Najib clocks out at the normal hour of 5 pm.

The gentleman politician will be retiring in March 2009 and will not be standing for election for President of UMNO. He picked the first option from my last posting.

Scenario # 1 WINS!
Recap: The PM’s back is against the wall. He tried his best to make the necessary and promised changes but they were slow in coming and didn’t quite meet the target by the last election date. At the same time, national unity nosed dived under his watch that open animosity between races began to rear its ugly head and the position of the Malays and Islam were threatened for the first time in many years. He lost his own State of Penang along with 5 other states and got whipped in the recent by-election in his homestate by his nemesis reflecting people’s rejection for his leadership.He sees the facts point blank and decides to resign gracefully and save UMNO from further embarrassment. He does so by announcing his retirement in March of 2009 and not offering himself to contest as President of the Party in March of the same.

The Presidential race will be between Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah and Dato’ Sri Najib Razak. I have said that Najib might have the edge in nominations but we shall see the outcome. I may be wrong again.

Have a pleasant holiday Sir. Thank you for your selfless decision in favour of the Party and thank you for your services to the Country.


kijangmas said...

Today is a point of inflection for UMNO, the next chapter of its existence.

The rebuilding of the party begins NOW. The Malays flirted with assorted charlatans and soothsayers in PRU12 and are paying the price big time.

How you and your colleagues rebuild UMNO will determine the fate of the Malays AND our beloved nation.

Regard today as Day 1 in the rebuilding of the Malaysia envisioned by our forefathers.

But make sure there is a coherent BLUEPRINT, the "acuan" of what constitutes the nation called Malaysia, a nation led by the Malays in the image of the Malays.
There are no other "acuans" out there.

Reform, rebuild and regain control of our motherland.

TPJ said...

This can only be done if full democracy is the order of the day instead of the top echelon trying to play God dictating who should contest and who should give way.

Let the party decide and let Tun Dr Mahathir's biggest mistake of thinking he was the wiser in who should lead be a lesson to all and sundry in UMNO.

Anonymous said...

Salam TPJ,

This is my first posting in your blog. Harap2 akan post lagi in the future. What's your take on the first round of nominations? Will Mike Tyson, Ali get to qualify? Ku Li has yet to get anything, and prospects doesn't look too good now. Share with us your ground-zero assessment beb! salam

pahit manis

TPJ said...

Salam Datuk.

I will post my analysis as soon as I can sqeeze one in. I'm running to seek re-election in my Pulai Division and have been appointed Chairman of the Motion's Committee on Politics for this year. They've got my hands tied leaving little room for me to campaign.

Wish me luck!