Sunday, December 20, 2015


Sixty Nine Years And Still Flying Strong, Insha'Allah 

Tonight Marks Exactly A Week After The Umno General Assembly Which Ended With The Presidential Winding Up Speech On A High Note.

I Waited For A Week To Write About It To Feel If The Adrenaline Remained High Seven Days After The Event, Or If It Simmered Down To A Freeze Even Before The Delegates Reached Home From It, Like Most Sceptics Predicted. 

The Words "There Will Be No Retreat! No Surrender!, No Retreat! No Surrender!" Kept On Ringing In My Head Until Today. It's A Strong Signal, Nay, A Stern Warning To The Detractors And Instigators That We WILL Finish Our Term As Ordained By God With The Same Team That Was Voted In By The Citizens Of Malaysia.

Let That Time Decide On Our Fate After The Rakyat Has Seriously Gauged Our Performance With Intellect Not Emotions And Stacked It Against The Promise Of The Opposition Coalition, That Is In Shambles And Looks Unable To Rebound On Time To Lead This Blessed Nation After The Next Elections.

With Only Two And A Half Years Left On The Clock, It Is Time We Employed The George W Bush Doctrine Of " Either You're With Us Or Against Us". No Two Ways About It.

We Have To Eliminate The Enemies Within And Move Forward As A Big, Strong And United Coalition Under One Flag.

Flag It Through!

The President Has Shown Magnanimity. Now It's Time To Exhibit Commanding Leadership.

While Those Who Attacked The Leadership From Within Were Too Engrossed With The Fear Of Not Winning In The Next Elections, The President And His Team Were Focussing And Will Continue To Focus On The Task At Hand Which Is Serving The Country And Taking It Across 2020 As A Full Fledged Developed Nation As Envisioned In The Sixth Malaysia Plan In 1991 By A Former Prime Minister Who Looks Like He Will Live To See It, Insha'Allah.

We Must Leave The Rest In The Hands Of God And The Voting Nation Letting Them Do Their Evaluation On This Administration And The Reforms That Came With It When The Time Comes.

In Conclusion, Despite The Intention To Take "The Storm Beyond The Cup", So To Speak In The General Assembly, It Ended With A Show Of Force And Unity Never Shown In Recent History Of The Party Convention.

So Let Us Reinforce Our Strength, Not Look Back And Together Declare With Our President, Without Compulsion, That There Will Be No Retreat, No Surrender, And Might We Add,  Take No Prisoners Either Sir!


Anonymous said...

Fine and good! the president of Umno is crying out for, No retreat! No surrender!

That's also an indirect way of admitting that Najib is struggling to sell his version of telling he is doing right. Many members of Umno think his winding up speech was all about his campaign to save his leadership skin.

Anonymous said...

Salam YBM Datuk,

Countdown to New Year, the future looks brim, bleak, blur and dim, (Agama Wang, Cash is King), the Malaysian experience.

Indeed, the digital economic has pointed to its success. As someone remarks, what good of economic growth (indexs) while the people are living approaching misery.

Meanwhile, we in Umno have been effected by the 'Malaise Syndrome' where Malay psyche is politically, mentally and economically in depression by leadership.

As patriotic as one would wants to be, but patriotism must be substantial with a clear conscience for its justification.

During the winding up speech, our beloved president should have address the delegates about Malays' pledges and Malays' inspiration of WILL and HOPE in the midst of the present and future of economic and political ambivalence.

In reference to urban poverty, people live with many deprivation; limited access to employment opportunities, low income, long hours, insecure housing and services, violent and unhealthy environments, illegal foreign workers and endlessly more.

Currently, we could not escape from the declining economic stagnation and dubious politics by leadership. Somehow we are sucked into the social web of discomposures.

We can't bout the economic pressure against our livelihood. Our daily bread and butter issues are getting expensive and unaffordable.

Further, the cost of living, doing business and our basic needs are skyrocketing while earnings can't accommodate. We could feel the economic pinch daily. The intake of incomes for the real people is declining and getting smaller.

Jobs are getting scared. It becomes worst to those families who are already out of employment. As reported, thousands and more workers would be jobless. The number of retrenched workers are in the raising.

It looks as though the situation is not going to change for betterment. Now we can categorized ourselves as the real economic bummers sucked into a midst of political misfits.

The other key front, political situation is also ambiguous. Options were not taken to mend the situation because of one's realpolitik. Available solutions for reconciliation were in denial of stability.

Our delicate situation is further in disarray reflected, then added by leadership of 1MDB's creation. This problematic fixture with its heavy weight of climacteric politics has caused our harmonious environment into political condemnation, especially with the Umno congregation.

The source of this problem is because of one man's style leadership, the leadership of realpolitik, the destabilizer, the used of power rather than the policy of people needs, ideals and inspirations.

The situation is no illusion but is real and being felt nationwide. Furthermore it has tormented us while in the making.

The leadership has summoned this Nation to misfortune economically, socially which has infringed the sovereignty of the democratic State affairs.

Many of us have realized it and many more to realize it too. What it means, we are in the political, economics and psychological depression because of this leadership, currently whom so-called we love, adore and hope for.

Happy New Year.

TPJ said...

Dear Anonymous 12::24

1. Cash is King applies in perhaps 90% of the world with currency. You sound like a respectable Muslim when you give the Salam to me. So I choose the Holiest of places in the Muslim faith to use as an example because as Muslims we are bound by our word. In Islam, our word is our Oath, and yet people who visit Makkah get bumped off paid reservations and are refunded at hotels there to accommodate longer staying last minute walk in customers with a larger entourage. If even in Makkah they view cash as supreme, do you think it would be any different in any other parts of Asia especially in a rapidly developing nation? At least in our country we have decorum.

2. Please offer us more than rhetoric when describing this "misery" that you mentioned. Give us substantiated statistics rather than popular remarks made on the fly by opposing politicians. From my observation, almost all holiday resorts and hotels are near fully occupied during the christmas and new year holiday weekends. And further research shows that the occupants are mostly locals.

3. This syndrome is not one that occurred overnight or when Najib took the oath of office, but is one manifested over decades. A former President of UMNO barred teachers and high ranking government officials who formed the cream of the Malays from holding positions from the branch level upwards 30 years ago. Government officers were not allowed to hold the post of chairman but can sit as normal members of the branch, yet their driver or gardener from the same branch can be the chief. So it was nationwide that those holding the post of branch chairmen were from the less intellectually qualified group of Malays. Today, after a few decades these people have risen through the ranks and file and made leaders in their respective divisions. This is what Najib is left to deal with thanks to a former president who created the policy. The irony is that the very same man who initiated the policy is the one complaining about the standard of mentality in UMNO today hoping that the Rakyat forgets who is responsible for it.

4. The conscience can't be any clearer justifying our stand which is to ensure that a steady government under the stewardship of UMNO remains in power and not the DAP led, scrambled "coalition" that contests under different flags championing uncommon agendas. Under the latter circumstances, the nation will see chaos, national security will be at risk while the economy will be paralysed. Full recovery will take years while other nations with the same economy will have overtaken us. Avoiding all that is the Patriotic thing to do.

TPJ said...


5. The Malay agenda is a given in any UMNO convention. The speech was primarily to send a stern message to instigators and UMNO haters that we won't cow down and play nice anymore amidst the vicious and unfounded attacks on the party and President by the loud minority influencing the fence sitters in our silence and gentle approach. Upholding the Malay agenda is our duty and need not be "loud speakered" in every winding up speech but acted upon in today's leadership under Najib RAZAK.

6. Employment opportunities are vast. What is lacking perhaps are the qualified applicants. That is the responsibilty of the applicants to upgrade and improve without overselling themselves. Perhaps then they might be able to secure jobs. The government has raised the minimum wage and are looking at other packages that is turning ours into a high income earning nation. We have also placed affordable housing high on our list of priorities. In Johor alone, we are on our way to building 42,000 houses by 2018. And the federal government is moving on nicely with the PR1MA.

As far as illegal foreign workers are concerned, well you may be right about our border security which I kept on emphasising in my speeches in the State Assembly. I'm with you on that score and I'm sure the federal government under Zahid's ministry is finding solutions to tighten the loose ends and loopholes being exploited by the syndicate.

7. Try not to be sucked in by the social web. What's happening today that feels like we're in a quandry is because the people in this country spend the best part of their waking days stuck to the internet either reading juicy material which usually spreads hate and "anti establishism" or contributing to the same in their chat groups.

8. I was labouring through your comment trying to piece them together. It reads like it's been google translated from Bahasa Melayu to English.

I hope I have covered most of the points raised barring the recurring rhetoric. I thank you for dropping your comment here and look forward to reading you again. If you prefer to write in Bahasa Malaysia, I shall be happy to reply accordingly.

I assure you , Dato' Sri Najib Razak is trying his best to give you the best possible government running this country given the material he was left with from two of his predecessors.

It is not easy to cook a full- hearted meal with minimal ingredients.

TPJ said...

Dear Anonymous 10:38AM

Take it at face value. Najib is a straight shooter. You don't need to crack your head and read between the lines like we did with Mahathir before. It's a frontal warning to all and sundry especially a few former bigwigs in UMNO that we will hold no more punches from here on in.

The speech was not to save his skin but the Country. UMNO wants him to continue to lead and we have a system in place that can be used to remove him if indeed he is no longer needed.

You may be right about the thoughts of many UMNO members on the winding up speech but they remain in the small minority.

And In A Democracy, We Uphold The Will Of The Majority.

Anonymous said...

Humpty Dumpty sat on the wall,
Humpty Dumpty had a great fall.
All the king's horses
And all the king's men
Couldn't put Humpty Dumpty
Together again.

Convincingly enough, you have miss the points as the representative of Umno, and to your voters on the whole.

Please read with conscious thought.
The Malays in "Umno have been effected by the 'Malaise Syndrome' where Malay psyche is politically, mentally and economically in depression by LEADERSHIP."

The above statement or rhetorical will probably make you understand better the grievances shared by the people you served.

It is not specially about Najib with that of Tun too. The party is at its weakest stage. It would take a different political dimension for recovery by leadership.

It is now about the sense of political integrity which has been smothered by economic depression indue exist among those of the 21 thousands of sub-division leaders, the 165 thousands delegates and '3.2 million members' in Umno to claim victory in next general election.

Be in mind, the political war zone is going to be at the grassroots levels towards approaching the general election.

No need to be defensive and protective of. The phrase, 'Cash is King' was purported by the Prime Minister himself. It portrays him as the 'Cash King' of Umno. If you have observed long enough, the practice of money politics is rampant. It has broken down the institution of Umno. Najib's admission has further distressed the sentiment of Umno's congregation democratically.

The point here is, when the King runs out of cash, he is no more a King. In contrast with the current situation, the Malay electorates are very demanding bunch of lots.

There are no statistics available to draw up people approaching misery. Economist and political analysts can't measure the sentiment of 'misery 'by number of occupants during festivals.

The upmost concern with much consideration of Kempas constituency is, whether or not BN-Umno can sustain with the 18,595 votes against the increasing numbers of 14,648 PR-Pas votes in next coming general election?

By the way, I hope 'The Patriot' is not a language lab to test out your written English in discourse.

TPJ said...

Dear Amonymous 4:44PM

If Wishes Were Horses, Beggars Would Ride:
If Turnips Were Watches, I'D Wear One By My Side,:
If, Ifs And Ands Were Pots And Pans,
There's Be No Work For Tinkers' Hands.

1. Firstly let me clarify that leadership must refer to the top brass in the Party and not necessarily just the President.

2. To an extent your statement is correct in view of the open conflicts among the leaders washing dirty linen in public; insensitive statements made by cabinet members; and the vast and rapid information whether true, half-true or false being available at the fingertips of the mass (of all levels of mentality) without the sense to process them in the appropriate manner, is the cause of this "Malaise Syndrome" that you mentioned.

Compounded with that is the fact that due to a policy made 30 years ago, many of those holding divisional posts today who rose through the ranks may be those of less intellect, and unable to help the leadership with bright ideas. That is why we see too many Malay professionals and ex civil servants in the opposition today. They get easy entry to their party and their ideas are welcomed instead of feared.

3. If all the 3 million odd UMNO members are committed and play their respective roles in the next general election, we would in a healthier position post GE14.

Yes, the political war zone is going to be at the grassroots level in the coming election. And that is where we must take it to them from now, and not wait until 2017. My constituents are sensible Insha'Allah. I have constant interactions with them and at every turn, try to reason with them by keeping them in Kempas discussing local issues and what is important to us indirectly insulating us from what is happening beyond our limits. My responsibility is to serve my constituency and to win my turf. That is how I help the party. And if every assemblyman focuses on our own seat without whining about outside forces using it as an excuse for not doing well, then we should be in good stead.

4. I wasn't being defensive about the term "Cash is King". You brought it to the table. I played with the card that you dealt me with. Yes it was allegedly mention by the Prime Minister but if he did, he was just stating the obvious which is a condition faced by us since the 1987 party elections, not something that started in 2013. And I wonder who started this trend to remain in power.

5. You say that the Malay electorate are a very demanding lot. Well they will have to be responsible for the consequences of their own actions.

6. We measure misery or pleasure by the way people live and the kind of lifestyle they maintain. If you say economists and political analysts "can't measure the sentiment of 'misery by the number of occupants during festivals" (which is one example I used), then how do they measure it? Is it by word of mouth in the coffeeshops and what's written in the web? Do share it with us for our added knowledge in this issue.

7. You're on target when you bring me back to Kempas to focus on and whether I can maintain or better the score of a 3,947 vote majority for Barisan Nasional. I will sincerely try hard to as this is one job I love to do. Service to the people is a privilege as well as it is an honour for me.

I humbly hope you will continue to provide me with raw feedback whether good or otherwise in which they might help me to improve my services to the people in Kempas.

8.This blog is not a language lab though I must say you sound more natural the second time around compared to the first which was quite difficult for a novice like me to comprehend. We try to keep it simple here.

Thank you for your time and thoughts.